A Special Cuppa in Singapore

6.31am, Gate B7, Changi Airport, Singapore
I was swung over to another plane and made it to Melbourne last night with 25 minutes to spare before we boarded for Singapore! Thanks Qantas, as there was a mountain of trouble for anything trying to fly anywhere near Adelaide yesterday because of the severely nasty weather.

Up here in Singapore now, it’s two flights done, two to go and we’ll be in Dublin on a Saturday night! I’m just about to make a cup of tea to start the day – from  the TWG Tea Company. I’ve spoken about them before, and had forgotten how good their teas are. It looks like this one is a new blend, “Paris – Singapore” – I just love their back labels as they leave our wine labels way behind ….”A distinguished green tea enhanced with the subtle fragrance of cherry blossoms and red fruits. A sensual and sweet tea of reminiscence”.  How about that! Back from adding the hot water and I have to be honest – the aroma is delicate with almost fresh green grass and yes … cherry ripe lift.

What a nice start to this day after yesterday’s mixmaster of an evening.

 Next one I’m going to try is the other new blend “Singapore Breakfast” – “Truly the finest breakfast tea, this memorable blend of black tea & green tea with sweet and spicy ginger yields a tantalising elixir to inspire new beginnings”. I need one of those!

So now I’ll just wait on the next plane ride up to London, and my next check in with any luck will be from the Emerald Isle.

PS Hey Sportsfans – am I glad I had some faith and packed my Saints scarf. The boys turned up and beat Geelong by a skinny four points and we go into the preliminary final now against whoever loses tonight’s game between Collingwood and the Western Bulldogs. Whoever wins that gets a berth in the Grand Final. It would be nice to dream! At least they’ll have one little red white and black scarf waving away in England next game. Go Saints.

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