Elvis or Work? Hmm …

10.32am, Tuesday 17th August, Upper Queen Street, Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
It’s a beautiful morning in Auckland, the sun’s shining through the odd storm cloud, and I’m watching Elvis in “Kissin Cousins” on the telly as I write this. I’ve just come in from a hike along Upper Queen Street and  over the freeway – in search of a little hole in the wall that we found when we were last in Auckland a couple of years ago.

The Little Cake Kitchen is run by Maggie Mowbray, who started baking pies and cakes at home and moved the whole thing into a shop, along with an ancient old coffee machine, and it’s just tops. This morning I went with the red velvet cupcake and one of the freshly made ‘finger sandwiches’ with egg lettuce and ham. Now the bread is that fluffy and soft, and the fillings so fresh that it’s just taken me 30 years back to my school lunch box! Drop in and try the sausage rolls – this morning it’s a choice of lamb and harissa or pork and fennel in flaky butter pastry. This is old-fashioned stuff that tastes great, and it’s definitely worth tracking down. Watch out for the bright pink sandwich board on the street that says “probably the best red velvet cake in the world”. That means you’ve found it.

So I’ve got about 13 minutes before the Big Kahuna Boss Woman over here for us in New Zealand – Janey “It was my birthday yesterday” Jackson – picks me up so I’d better get cracking. Promise I’ll catch up yesterday – big time in Auckland left right and centre – and today’s trade lunch this afternoon before hitting the Glengarry’s consumer dinner.

Oh oh. “Kissin Cousins” is finished and now it’s the doco “Elvis on Tour 1972”. Wonder if I could get away with ringing in sick? Probably not!

One response to “Elvis or Work? Hmm …

  1. Wish Janey a Happy Birthday for me! 😉

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