Too Close for Comfort

10.22am, Saturday 14th August, Regional Arrivals area, Auckland Airport, North Island, New Zealand

Jane's least favourite plane in the rain: Beech 1900

Yay Auckland Airport – a free internet access kiosk! I just want to put up the flight stuff from the last two days . Yesterday I was jittery enough with the Friday 13th stuff, so got actually nervous when we were propped for ages at the top of the runway in Wellington waiting to take off, then had to skedaddle out the way for a jet that our pilot reckoned “got a bit too close landing” and we had to go around and line up to go again! Then this morning it’s a filthy low cloud, driving rain, can’t see the lake at all in Taupo – and my least favourite plane in the Air NZ fleet turned up at the little hut with the Taupo Airport Sign on it to pick us up. And it was a quick dash in the rain to the plane stairs – you know the ones – like a short aluminum stepladder held on with a couple long bits of licorice – and into the 16 seater for the ride up to Auckland. So as you can imagine, even though it’s a grey and wintery old day up here in Auckland – and my luggage is pretty soggy – I’m really thrilled to be here!

See ya when I get dry … and I’ll catch up what we did in Taupo and Napier yesterday and last night.

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