Coffee with the All Blacks

11.41pm, The George Hotel, Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand
Just got in as the plane was delayed out of Auckland due to nasty weather the length of the South Island. It’s 3 degrees C and sleeting with a vicious southerly wind pushing it around. Not sure what was worse – the weather or the “go The All Blacks” balloons all over the Christchurch airport! It’s supposed to improve tomorrow as I head for a start in Dunedin – supposed to get up to 7 or 8 degrees and just showers! I’ll just put on the layers, the woollen beanie and the gloves and get into it I think – with this weather all you have to do is stay healthy and you’ve had a win.

PS As soon as I got onto the flight from Adelaide to Auckland, the all-pervading prescence of the All Blacks started! I forgot that Air NZ are the “fanatical sponsor of the All Blacks” and our coffee cups all had diffeent players and their stats on them. So today was brought to you by Number 12  – Ma’a Nonu the ‘utility back’ – born 21st May 1982, is 1.82 m tall, and weighs 104 kg. With a number of flights this next 11 days, I suspect we’ll get to have a cuppa with them all!

PPS Air NZ have a novel “bare essentials of safety” video with all the seat belt, life vest, oxygen mask etc stuff – and it’s about a minute into it that you realise they have nothing on but body paint! Very edgy folk these kiwis! Mind you, I quite like the idea of the pilot they use in nothing but his cap. I’ll absolutely be paying attention to that video each flight!

See ya when we’re on our way farther South.

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