Home at Last!

8.47am, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Eden Valley, South Australia
Home at last! Greetings from the Barossa – in the middle of a very chilly cold snap. I got home late Sunday night from Perth to find the winery and my house all in one piece – and we’ve all been shivering away and frosted in most mornings this week. But it’s so nice to be home with no traffic lights, the girls at the Blond cafe (Angaston) already starting my mocha takeaway coffee as I walk in,  and the log fire roaring away all day in the Wine Room. 

Be prepared over the next week for a whistlestop tour of the whole place as I catch up with everyone,  and here for starters is the whiz bang high tech video of Louisa Rose giving her impressions of the way the 2010 vintage has shaken out. Thanks to Tony for putting it into the blog – way beyond my technical capabilities – but good to get the info “straight from the horse’s mouth”.

And spare a thought for the folks out pruning at the moment – frosty starts to the morning, a glorious 2 – 3 clear hours in the middle of the day, then at around 3pm the ice drops into the air again.  This is the time of the year that our nursery and the grafting operation goes into high gear, so come Monday, that will probably be my first stop.

So it’s nice to be home, the financial year has ticked over, Kirsty’s ducks have settled in and are laying again,  and all’s right – for now, touch wood – with our seasonal world.

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