Winning Palates in Perth

11,02am, Thursday, 24th June, East Perth, Western Australia
Wow, before I even get to last night’s events over here in Perth in the last week of the Yalumba brand building trek, I’m watching our first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard being sworn in! That makes it a big day for starters!

34 very interested palates packed into Your Shout's mezzanine

Today is  a classic big blue sky day in Perth, and it does feel a bit special this morning. We won some big time ‘hard to impress, very well wine informed’ palates last night at our first master class with the folks at Your Shout Liquor in Mt Lawley. As soon as I walked into the store last night, though, I knew I was going to like these folks – Neil and Patty Wodcke – because of the strategically placed collection of lava lamps, neon signs, trinkets  and especially the Elvis wall clock!

This store is a champion of regional West Australian wineries, as well as boutique and small volume wines from over in our part of the country. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find the same catalogue of local Barossa wines of that nature in an Adelaide store as they have at Your Shout.

Top tastes to go with the wine

We had 34 people up in the mezzanine tasting section of the store, and we kicked off well into a set of 10 wines that covered four winegrowing regions – Pipers River in Tasmania, Barossa , Coonawarra and Adelaide Hills – and seven wine styles. With the wines,  Neil and Patty put on enough platters  of  top  antipasto to feed a small army, and we were away!

The highlights?

2004 Pewsey Vale ‘Contours’ Riesling travelling gracefully down that aged Riesling path, and the opportunity to illustrate how Cabernet Shiraz from the Barossa works with the quad set of the 2008 Scribbler, 2006 FDR 1A, 2005 Signature and the 2004 The Reserve

What a great tasting group to work with – two boys added to the evening by bringing along back vintages of Signature – the 1998 and 1994. Both still in form with the ’98 showing a bit of warm jam reflecting that vintage, and the ’94 as smooth as silk.

We also got into a discussion on regional Cabernet style when looking at the 2007 Menzies from Coonawarra – contrasting Margaret River, Coonawarra and the Barossa Valley floor – generally known for shiraz rather than cabernet. And to show exactly what we were talking about,  Neil generously opened two bottles of 2008 Rusden – made by Christian from local winegrowing family Canute – Barossa 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.  These are the nights you like – long answers to short questions, genuinely interested folks, no one in a rush to go, and a lot of fun had by all. Looks like we’ll ba back next year with a different set of wines for a bit more of the same.

Thanks to Your Shout for having us and everyone for coming along – and special mention to  Nick and Lawrie – the personal trainers from Gym Care – for your staunch support. And our man in Perth Byron B for making it all happen.

One response to “Winning Palates in Perth

  1. Thanx again Jane now i’ve got to try and top that.
    Were going to do a cheeky little 8 year vertical of woodside valley cabernet this month.With all vintages for sale and at close to half retail price ,that should open a couple of pockets. You can be sure we would love to have you back next year can’t wait to see that special gift you had in mind for the store !!!!cheers neil

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