That’s Why People Live in Queensland

4.05pm, Departure Gate 3, The Airport,  Townsville , North Queensland, Australia
I knew as soon as I went outside this morning that it was going to be hot today. At 8 am you could  already feel the sting of the sun through the T-shirt  as I walked down the street to breakfast, and the morning mist was burned off Magnetic Island. I’ve had outstanding weather this week up here in North and Far North Queensland, as the reports from the Barossa  have been cold and colder! It was 0 degrees C at Light Pass on the Valley Floor at 8am the other morning, and everyone at home seems to be  toasting up in front of the fire of an evening.

Not me! I’ve had mostly cool really early mornings then warm days and balmy tropical evenings – pushed around by nice night time breezes. As the locals have been telling me all week – this is why we live up here! I’m heading south to Brisbane and I’ll catch up yesterday’s job at cafe Salsa up in Port Douglas, and today’s job at A Touch Of Salt here in Townsville – once I’ve got my computer humming this evening.

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