On the Road to Toowoomba

7.57am, Wednesday June 9th,  Broadbeach Island,  The Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise, Definitely Queensland, Australia
The tourist brochures don’t lie! Up this way it’s perfect one day, and even better the next! I’ve just grabbed a couple of minutes to log in before we hit the road for a two-hour drive northwest to Toowoomba – The Garden City – which sits on one side of The Great Dividing Range. We’ll be doing two events up there today, and I look forward to catching up with the publican from The Spotted Cow (est  1892) – Phil Coorey – who is the most rabid Boston Red Sox and baseball fan in general in Australia. Being a Yankees fan myself – and with those two teams sharing one of the most famous and long standing rivalries in sports anywhere – we never have a dull moment where conversation is concerned.

I have much to report from our ‘magical foodie mystery tour’ that Ash – our bloke on the Coast – put together yesterday for the Gold Coast trade, and I’ll catch that up this afternoon between jobs. So we’re away! See ya when it’s much higher – about 700m – in Toowoomba.

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