Ogling the Scenery in Byron Bay

Cape Byron Lighthouse

7.37am, Monday 7th  June, Global Gossip internet cafe, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
Byron Bay proper sweeps west and north west from Cape Byron, which is about 3km or 4km east of the main street of the Byron Bay township. This just happens to be the most easterly point of  the Australian mainland, and it has the Cape Byron lighthouse perched on top of it.  Back to our water theme for this tour in a big way …

Broken Head

I went down the coast a bit yesterday, and had a look at Lennox Head (recently knocked about by a spot mini tornado),  Seven Mile Beach, and Broken Head. All these spots combine with Byron Bay to create a surfing mecca, and every car park is full of blokes in various stages of getting in and out of their wetsuits. Can’t complain at all about the scenery in THIS area! From Broken Head, looking north, you can see just how far the Cape Byron promonotory ‘sticks out’ into the Pacific Ocean, and the lighthouse seems to be  just hanging on right out there.

***Historical fact #3690: Captain Cook sailed The Endeavour down this coastline in 1770 and named this spot Cape Byron after his good mate Captain John Byron, who was famous for circumnavigating the globe in The Dolphin and then went on to be the dad of the famous English poet Lord Byron.

So right now I’m packing  up, and we’ll be doing a trade lunch here in Byron Bay at the new wine bar St Elmo, then we’re off up the coast to Kingscliff –  just south of Tweed Heads and the Queensland border –  to do a consumer dinner. Bye from Byron Bay!

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