Doing the Byron Bay Thing

The sign says its all

10.23am, Sunday 6th June, Fletcher Street, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
Here I am in the backpacker and hippie capital of the Northern Rivers area, Byron Bay,  already doing the barefoot on the beach thing this morning – watching the early surfers come in, hang their wetsuits on the bumper bars of their various campervans, and get stuck into breakfast. I’ve just gone across the street to the surf shop and bought some thongs (flip flops for those in the USA – thongs being those skimpy bikini bottoms in that country – look good in Miami on South Beach, but not on me!) because I’m off down the street in a minute to have the local ‘magic hands’ massage healer work on my back for an hour. With that and the shea nut butter I’m already plastering on my skin – I’m getting right into the local organic alternative lifestyle … and loving it. There’s just enough warmth and moisture in the air to know we’re moving north and knocking on Queensland’s door.

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