Great Dish for The Cigar, Wine of the Year

11.24am, 5th June, same gate at the same airport
I reckon I’ll get one more catch up job in before they call the flight:

Tuesday, 1st June
We catch up with the folks from Peter Rowland Catering once each year for lunch. They’re the folks that look after the dining at a lot of the great sporting addresses around Australia, including the home of the greatest two mile race in the world – the Melbourne Cup at Flemington Racecourse. This has become a bit of a ‘family’ catchup, where we show our new wines but also have a chance to talk about what we’ve been up to in all corners of the globe – and some of the more exotic places that our wines have landed.

Moonee Ponds coffee

We chose Jack’s Satay Bar in Moonee Ponds for the food flavours, and because it’s close to Flemington, and they’ve got several of our wines on the list. Then I was having such a good time that  I got so tangled up in the day that I completely forgot to take any photos! So here’s the one I took before lunch of the old Moonee Ponds Coffee Bar directly opposite Jack’s. We went for a coffee before lunch as a tribute to Dame Edna – the world famous glitzy glam housewife superstar resident of Moonee Ponds.

We’ve just had a great result with the 2008 The Cigar Coonawarra Cabernet winning the Big Red Wine Book Wine of the Year, so we tasted this little brother to The Menzies along with one of the more interesting dishes on the menu at Jack’s. The restaurant is owned by Johnny, and Johnny’s mum – being Singaporean – puts a lot of her own recipe dishes on the list. For The Cigar, I chose the ‘Lohkaing’ – a prawn, pork & veal spicy homemade sausage  deep fried in bean curd, sliced and dipped in sweet chilli, with The Cigar – a winner! The whole fish steamed in bannana leaf and chilli was just what we needed for the two solid whites – FDW 7C and The Virgilius,  and the family-style share plate dining is the only way to go. Whether you’re on a Dame Edna daytrip or not – go out to Jack’s Satay Bar at Moonee Ponds – one of the best kept secrets in Melbourne. You’ll know you’re in the right place by the autographed photos of the Melbourne Cup winners on the wall!

And PS … looks like we’ll be back to do something spooky in the way of a consumer event with these folks in November around Spring Carnival time. Stay tuned!

Ok folks – gotta go. See ya when we’re in Byron Bay – next stop. More water – but really pretty water. See ya later Melbourne,  and thanks a huge amount.

2 responses to “Great Dish for The Cigar, Wine of the Year

  1. It would be great if we could get you down for a Tassie visit next year. I know last time you came is was a little late notice for all concerned and I really didn’t get the opportunity to maximise your visit.

  2. Thanks Jane,
    it sure was a day to remember!!!! On all counts.

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