Lost Phone Flurry

10.04am, Monday 31st May, Russell Street, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Not sure what qualifies as the dumbest thing you can do when you’re travelling for work, but I’ve come close with the latest. For the first time ever, I’ve lost the phone! Must have slipped out of my pocket onto the floor of the cab, but they couldn’t find it, so now it’s been a mad flurry of suspending the phone – global roaming and all! That was my worry, as I’m low tech and old school – so didn’t even have a lock on it. This will teach me! So now I’ll have to go get a new phone and temporary number till I get back to the winery. It looked like a move to the new whiz bang iPhone was on the cards anyway, so there’s a whole dose of new technology I’ll be aquiring when I get home. Lucky I am old school enough to have one of those  handwritten alphabetical phone directories that I cart around with me. That’s going to be invaluable now.

Over and out for now.

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