The Puns Are Offal, But the Wine Is No Tripe Matter

1.14pm, Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Barossa Valley, SA, Australia
Back into the local fray folks, and do I get the hot jobs? Yep! Yesterday i was down to Adelaide to present two wines as guest speaker for The South Australian Tripe Club at their monthly lunch meeting. It’s held downstairs in the cellar at the lovely Primo Caon’s Chesser Cellars, and we featured the 2008 Wild Ferment Chardonnay and the 2008 Bush Vine Grenache with pan-fried lambs brains (with wilted baby spinach & seeded mustard cream) and a braised Portugese-style tripe (with chickpeas, chorizo and mild chilli). The placemats were an “Offally Tasty” article on local Central Market butcher who specialises in offal, Tony O’Connell, and how there’s a lot more interest now in the “cheaper cuts” of all sorts of meats.

Now I’m not much of a one for “unidentified parts” as a rule, but I went along – had the fish – and had a great time with these dedicated supporters of edible animal tummy bits. There was even a meat raffle – huge pile of tripe, couple kidneys, heart, and some liver. Reminded me of those great Hannibal Lecter movies!

No seriously – thanks a huge amount for the invite – the Chardonnay and Grenache were just the ticket for the food, and it looks like the club is going to visit Yalumba for a field tripe in November. Good stuff.

That will have to do for now, as I’m heading back down to Adelaide for a boardroom job with some financial folk. I’m booked in for a haircut tomorrow morning, the doc on Friday, then it’s pack the bags and off to Sydney on Monday to start an eight-week job taking the Great Australian Red Story across the country from Port Douglas to Perth. There’s a couple of new towns on this year’s program, and I’ll put a list up of where we’ll be and who we’re working with as far as restaurants go – as the wines we’re showing this trip are a pretty hot set.

See you tomorrow.

3 responses to “The Puns Are Offal, But the Wine Is No Tripe Matter

  1. I usually get all puns approved by the English department at the local high school – there’s no way your puns per word ratio would have been allowed in Canada.
    Well done Jane.

  2. Lambs Brain………???

  3. lambs brains. . . . . .sounds offal

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