Floating Mountains of Hong Kong

OK I think we’re good again. I just want to do this Hong Kong thing, as I was in one of those Boeing (my favourite plane – thanks, Seattle)  777 birds for the San Francisco to HK flight, and just before dawn this morning we came in really low over a chain of little islands before hitting the runway, and there was low fog and mist hanging in all the right scenic spots so that in that blue grey light, the islands looked like those floating mountains in the Avatar movie. The sea was almost dead calm, and the early morning fishing junks looked like they were skimming on the surface effortless. And we were 150 feet above – tops! This was another one of those good bits you get on this job.  And I was lucky last night too – apparently it was a really lumpy flight and I slept through most of it because I was just completely bushed. Another good reason to get those midnight or 1am long haul flights.

Any rate, here we are with the blog bits landing, so I’ll catch up the last couple of days in Vancouver and I’ll have a clean slate, ready to start the next ‘section’ of work.

One response to “Floating Mountains of Hong Kong

  1. yalumbastories

    Jane, command central here, the full team is ready and waiting to launch your posts! Cheers, Tony B

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