Lest We Forget

4.04pm, Sunday 25th April, Gate 78, Vancouver Airport, Vancouver, BC, Canada
“Lest We Forget” today folks, that it’s ANZAC Day. This means a huge amount to folks from both Australia and New Zealand. I had every intention of making it to this morning’s service here in Vancouver, but have to confess to sleeping through my alarm – first time this trip. However, I was lucky enough to get a phone message left very early this morning from our man on the New South Wales Central Coast – Wiggo – who not only left me some lovely ANZAC words, but did a whistled version of the Last Post. I get looked after well by those boys. Thanks Wig – I’ll be seeing you in a few weeks when we start the Yalumba Rare & Fine new vintages launch across Australia.

So everything is packed up, and with any luck, the next time I see my bags will be at baggage claim in Adelaide before going through customs and heading back up to the Barossa. I have a heap of time here and in San Francisco waiting on planes, so I’m going to try and get caught up on all the goings on.

More Catch Up : Wed 21st April

MAB's Jason and Negociant's Kath

I need to put this in – for the record. For the Point Grey Golf Club dinner, I had to get all flashed up in the power jacket and skirt combo, and was being picked up from the hotel by Jason (MAB), Kate (Nautilus) and Kath (Negociants – she babysits me when I’m working in Canada, and sets up the jobs with all the local distributors, press, trade and consumers).

Apparently as I was walking out to meet them in the car, I was looking pretty good coming through the lobby, then when I got up close they realised I was wearing my runners and carrying my killer pointy high heels, and they laughed at me! Yes – very cruel! If I could walk more than the length of a room in the jolly things – I would. But there I was having a total Melanie Griffith “Working Girl” moment, and they laughed!

One response to “Lest We Forget

  1. Laughing ‘WITH’ you Ferrari….you looked amazing!!!!

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