The Terrible Treble of Travel

8.25am, Monday, 19th April, 9th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
See folks – it’s all about swings and roundabouts. What you lose on one, you gain on another. I had a perfect first half of Saturday, then got cr0ok, and missed out on a big night. Now I see from Annette, World Class Wines’ Supergal rep, that I missed out on magic steaks and single men. It’s so hard to find good examples of both in the same place, and there it was Saturday night in Minneapolis! I definitely will be back there now next trip! As I said before, that market has SO much potential.

But I had a solid night’s sleep, and that became invaluable as my day “up in the air” deteriorated yesterday. Started well, got to Chicago O’Hare, and overheard some very interesting conversations in the terminal and the United waiting lounge. Why do you think it is that folks on mobile phones often go into their own bubble, and think that no one around them can hear the conversation? Most times you don’t want to – gakky relationship stuff or arguments, or totally inane useless stuff like comparing votes on Dancing with the Stars.

But occasionally you hear some gems.

Ask me about the current world diamond trade and its apparent 30% drop in value and the large inventory currently available of 1.5 carat VS (that’s the clarity grade and means just one stage back from “flawless”) diamonds. Good time to buy in apparently, so I must do a bit of research and see what one of those things is going for. Or ask me about the natural gas industry – all about this “cracking” method of getting to pockets of gas sandwiched between rock layers, and how much they’re getting compared to how much was projected. Then I see in this morning’s paper up here in Calgary an article on the very same thing where an industry veteran of 50 years thinks that the estimates are way over what can be recovered, and gas prices are going to go up, not down. Interesting times!

But then I got the treble! (It’s a three hour flight up to Calgary on a little jet – two seats each side.)

  • I got smacked in the back of the head by this strapping bloke trying to slam his bag into a much too small overhead bin.
  • I got the fractious baby sitting immediately behind me with the mother using the tray table as a rocker (yep, that would be connected to my seat).
  • and the bird sitting next to me with a huge amount of chewing gum snapping away with a wide open mouth the whole time.

And they reckon this job doesn’t help you develop a long fuse! Don’t believe for a minute those movies where you sit next to interesting people on plane flights.

I was so pleased to get to Calgary, I can’t tell you. And this morning has given us a beautiful, clear and 20 degrees (back to Celsius up here) day. I’ve already been to visit my favourite Canadian bloke – Tim Horton – this morning. Nobody makes coffee mocha like he does!

Actually, this will be a neat week. I’ll end up seeing the other two of my three favourite Canadian blokes by the end of it. I’ve already seen Nathan “Cap’n Mal” Fillion in LA (back in March), done Tim Horton once of what will be a number of times, and will see Tony “The Wine Wordsmith” Gismondi in Vancouver. Good times.

So safely on the dirt here in Calgary and will have a full day of events – and will leave you the highlights at the end of the day.

See ya when we’re packing for Edmonton tomorrow.

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