Twin Sets – Wine and Baseball

9.52pm, Friday 16th April, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
Well folks, we’ve officially made it to the weekend. Dave is safely home in Chicago, and I’ve sent my stuffed envelopes of credit card and cash receipts home via the US Post to the accountants – all neat and tidy and sorted. I’m just waiting for the washing machine downstairs, and I’ll then be set to have a clear day off in Minneapolis tomorrow.

We did our presentation to the World Class Wines sales team – we were third on the bill today, following Andrew from Schaeffer and their famous Cabernet from Napa, and the chap with the Dr Loosen Riesling. That’s the thing. Each distributor has a range of wines in their portfolio, and you pretty much only get one or two opportunities a year to present your story, what’s new and interesting in the glass, and any innovations you’re working on – to the complete sales team for any given distributor. So when you go in, you tend to focus on what’s travelling really well, and try to cover as much ground with respect to the news from the winery – without cramming the info into the team.

We chose to do three sets of two wines – the 2009 Unwooded Y Chardonnay & 2008 Wild Ferment Chardonnay, the 2006 Single Site Habermann Grenache & 2006 Single Site Tricentenary Grenache, and the 2008 Scribbler & 2004 Signature.

With these sets, we get to talk the spectrum of what we’re doing with Chard, old vine Grenache (plus how terroir applies at home), Cab Shiraz as a legitimate Australian style – and again the two sides to our top end of that blend. This is a smaller distributor, so we can talk to everyone in one sitting – which is a great result. I haven’t been in the state for a couple of years, so there was a lot of ground to cover – and having the slot before and during lunch was a handy thing – plus they’re genuinely nice folks, so it was good just to be able to catch up a lot of the water that’s gone under both bridges – theirs and ours. With any luck I’ll catch up with a couple of the team across Saturday evening.

And with any luck we’ll be back up this way late August or September. So thanks again Jason, Lee, Rickie, and everyone else at WCW – we’re in VERY safe hands up here in the north.

So I’m going to throw the clothes through the dryer, watch baseball tonight – looks like at the top of the 9th the Twins are going to beat Kansas City tonight. Yep, just happened. Twins win their first night game at their new field 10 – 3. Then NOT go in to lees Liquor Lounge, but hit the sack and get up early to check out Al’s Breakfast, an old 14 seat counter diner in the city.

That’s a plan.

2 responses to “Twin Sets – Wine and Baseball

  1. Thanks for everything in the past week – adding to the legend – safe travels.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a nice week out there!

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