All Is Right in Chicago

8.12am, Tuesday April 13th, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Here we go – day 2 of three days off! Dave has to go downtown to meet with our distributor for the state of Illinois – the folks at Heritage who we’ve been family tight with for more than 10 years – so I’m going to catch a ride with him and poke around the city for the day. I thought about doing the famous architectural boat cruise through the city, but it’s overcast and cold out there today, so maybe not. There will be the Yankees home opening game against the Angels from 12 noon – I’ll bet the Bronx is humming with activity already! – and I can watch that at the ESPN Zone downtown on East Ohio. But like most of the days that start out with no fixed adventure – something usually comes along, so I’ll play it by ear.

Just one thing from yesterday: It was great to see so many people having a great day out in spite of the economy, and all is currently right in the red, white and blue of Cubs World.

**Hey Sportsfans** I completely missed the start of the 2010 Australian Rules Football season! This weekend coming will be round 4 and my team St Kilda will be playing Fremantle at home. They’ve started with 3 wins from 3 games so you can’t do better than that, and hopefully this year we’ll go one better than losing last year’s Grand Final to Geelong.

Thanks to Skully and Humphreys, who went to the Saints Family Day for me this year and got the autographs of our new recruits, as I was working through California. (Really they just use getting autographs for me as an excuse to meet a whole batch of attractive young blokes!)

Family Day is a great tradition, and it’s a chance for all the Saints members and fans to meet the team, get autographs, and catch up with each other as the new season is about to get under way. We’re a bit like the Cubs fans really. We haven’t won a flag since 1966, and it’s getting a bit long between drinks! But we bounce back, and front up again to support the side, and firmly believe “this could be year!”

See ya later.

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