Cesar Chavez Festival Wraps Up the California Trip

10.36am, Saturday, April 10th, Powell Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

One more work day to catch up, and we’re up to date!

Thursday, April 8th
I already wrote up the Bakesale Betty’ s moment, and all that’s left is our last job of the Californian adventure: our Yalumba master class and dinner with the folks from Andronico’s markets, another family-owned operation holding its own out there. We chose to do it at the Solano Bar & Grill – another one of our East Bay supporters – and tried different tapas style foods with the Y Series wines that Andronico’s have on their shelves. Plus we let rip and opened a whole dose of our top wines to finish out our tour in good form. Another bottle of the 2004 Octavius was put to good use. I can’t say how good it feels to pull the cork on every bottle of that big fella that we’ve opened and see folks enjoy it. No “phantom wine” this one, where just about the only people who try it are the folks that review it for the press or the internet. Feels very good to have folks know what ALL of our world tastes like.

So there you have it. Eight weeks on the road in California, and we’ve won a lot of hearts and palates for Australia, the Barossa and Yalumba, caught up with old friends, and made a heap of new ones. We’ll be keen to see them all – AND MORE – again next time.

So I’m off to The Mission and the Cesar Chavez festival for a while, then will be in for an early night as I’ll need to be out to the airport by about 6am tomorrow morning. I can feel a savage sorting out session will be going on with the luggage tonight – to lighten the load. Only essential items will go on from here. That means the autographed pictures, the two necessary “good outfits” for the Vancouver wine fair jobs in Canada, and the X Files Mulder & Scully Barbie doll kit I found in excellent unopened condition in a thrift store! Yep – good karma on this trip.

See ya when it’s colder, and I’m in Illinois. Sweet Home Chi Town – home of my roller derby gals The Windy City Rollers.

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