These Folks Are Keen!

7.52am, Wednesday April 7th, Sofia Hotel – checking out, West Broadway Boulevard, San Diego downtown, CA, USA
Well folks, don’t want to tempt fate, but it’s good to be checking out this morning NOT having had any of the aftershock experiences from the big earthquake down this way over the weekend! I didn’t want to say anything earlier, as I’ve had some near misses with major events in this country, and would very much like to keep it that way. Only they are overdue for a really big shake, and I’m keen to be out of town when it happens.

I’m just heading out the door now to have breakfast and head for La Jolla (“la hoy ah”) to meet up with Mark for my last day working the trade in Southern Cal.

And I just got a call from our brand manager at HWG – yep, early folks – for a report on how yesterday went in the trade. They’re keen, these folks! Called to tell me that they have an “easy paced day” for me tomorrow in the San Francisco trade – only five account calls, then I get to work tomorrow night with Andronicos – after my plane gets into Oakland tonight at 9.45pm before I can head back to my hotel. They’re keen! I’ll be dragging my very knackered body up to Napa on Friday to return the Jeep and collapse into a hotel room Friday night and Saturday before heading to Chicago for a couple days off. Bring that on!

But that’s not what I was going to put up this morning.

I was going to run through yesterdays GREAT day out with Kev W – The Pipes cafe, going to the beach, cruising around the coastal area, meeting very nice blokes and one gal – did stare a bit at Julian who was on “The Bachelorette”, saw tennis boy from Australia Mark “Scud” Phillipousis, sold some wine, might have scored a very hot wine dinner, and had a very lovely day. But I’ll do details tonight and add in today when I get back home to the hotel tonight – plus add in my pics.

See ya when I’m back in Northern Cal.

3 responses to “These Folks Are Keen!

  1. Hi Jane,
    Lenah overheard me mention your name and when she got done with her call wanted to know what was going on….Needless to say we are absolutely thilled to get to meet you! And, just because you will be leaving us hear in the states does not mean we will stop reading your blogs. They bring smiles on otherwise dreary days!!

  2. the “scudmeister” –my god we have all been wondering where the boy has gone !I hope you got his twitter address ! what a racquet…………

  3. first up – for lenah, Tammy and all the other order entry folk and for peter and the warehouse boys – I’ll be at your place in Benicia around 10.30am bearing edible gifts for ‘morning tea’. It will be a great chance to meet the faces on the ends of the phones that have helped me out so much – plus see if we made any impact on those front racks!!

    Second – for fans of The Scud – he was working out at the gym, and looked in MIGHTY FINE FORM

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