Picking the Rising Stars

9.37pm, Monday 5th April, Sofia Hotel, West Broadway, San Diego, CA, USA
Just a quick note to say that I got to town safely and will be heading up the coast in the morning to start my second-to-last Southern Cal work with at a place called Cardiff By The Sea, about half an hour north of the city on Interstate I-5. There just happens to be a place with ocean views called Pipes Cafe around that spot, so I may very well have brekky by the beach.

But I’m off to watch a bit of telly (TV for the locals) in bed – one of my absolutely favourite things. Not that we need reminding that “Castle” (yep, that would be the show with our boy Nathan Fillion in the lead role) is on at 10pm tonight, but would you believe our strapping lad Nathan was featured in the new April edition of the Southwest Airlines in flight magazine? I never even read the things, and this is the first time I’ve slipped one out with me – to show the gals back at the NUSA office. See – I can pick the stars on the rise!

Any rate – countdown to leaving California is on – 5 days to go – and just found out this evening that we have another trade event organised in Minneapolis. So the show will just roll on … only into a colder spot!

**PS Back at the winery, there’s some rough weather heading for Coonawarra, so it looks like we’ll just squeak in with our picking down there, and I got a note from Freddy at Oxford Landing tonight with a bit of a vintage wrap, so I’ll put that in tomorrow’s blog – along with what Kevin Walsh (our HWG suntanned man down here) and I get up to on our Big Tuesday on the coast.

See ya when they’re surfing!

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