What Wine Pairs with Bourbon & Cokes?

7.58pm, same place, bottom of the 7th inning, Yanks 7 Boston 5 coming back
Boston native Steve Tyler – also known as the lead singer of superband Aerosmith – has just belted out the mandatory “God Bless America” in the 7th inning stretch, and we’re back into it. Oh no! Some new bullpen forgettable pitcher for us, and a home run for the Red Sox ties it up 7-7!

And back into the evening job for Thursday, April 1st

If you want to get a chance to speak to folks from a group – retail or restaurants – the easiest way to do it is at some sort of meal – generally after working hours for retail, or with the restaurant folks on their day off. We wanted to spend time with the team from Cost Plus so we chose a newish place over in the East Bay called Pican. It’s a really sharp restaurant that specialises in “southern/soul/BBQ” style food, which isn’t really that common over here on the West Coast – but is on every corner if you’re in Tennessee, South Carolina or Kansas City. It suited us down to the ground, as we wanted to work with food that would show the Y Series, which we have with these folks, and sure enough, it worked a treat.

Viognier at Pican

I’ve chosen the blackened catfish dish (with a salad of asparagus,heirloom baby lima beans and radish with a blue crab jalapeno butter sauce) with the Y Viognier picture, as this was the hot combination. Catfish is a creamy chunky texture, and with the strong asparagus and slight sting of the jalapeno, it fit beautifully with the lift and cut and slide of the Viognier. This is the sort of exercise that helps enormously when you have wines with stores – as invariably consumers are always after what food and wine to put together – not in a serious gourmet way – but where they can do something nice that works and makes it a bit of a night out – going out or staying in for a meal. And with a lot more entertaining at home, handy food and wine hints go a lot further.

The other things that went really well together were the Smoked & Cane Lacquered Duck Breast with the 2008 Bush Vine Grenache and the 2008 Y Shiraz Viognier – fast becoming THE best performing all rounder reds. We finished up with ‘Bourbon & Cokes’ after dinner – but wait don’t get upset thinking we were doing the wrong thing! At Pican, the ‘Bourbon & Coke’ is dessert! A chocolate coca cola cake with caramel milk ganache with a bourbon milk panna cotta!And we shared! A good way to finish up, and an excellent way to properly introduce Yalumba to another supportive house. Job done, I hopped on the BART for the long trip back to the suburbs, and slept like a log.

**Meanwhile, back at the real time game, our pitching has let us down, and the Red Sox are up 8-7, with not much time left for us to have a come back. Speaking of which, I’ll post this, let Tony match up the pics, and come back myself with our Friday April 2nd.

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