Gaining Momentum

10.21pm, Thursday April 1st, Pleasanton, CA, USA
Just got in from a biiiig day in the San Francisco restaurant trade today with Yohannah “ain’t no April Fool this gal!” Burmeister, and not forgetting that I haven’t caught up a whole huge day in the same arena yesterday, visiting retail with Larry. And also not forgetting our VIP masterclass from Monday that I haven’t detailed, as I got home last night and just crashed. However, over the weekend I’ll put some pics of where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing on the blog – as without wanting to tempt fate … I do believe we’re gaining some momentum and winning more than we’re not!

Also I want to jump straight into bed tonight, as I have to get cracking early tomorrow and hit the road up to Napa for the Northern Team general sales meeting for our distributor, and I’m on for 30 minutes at 11.30am to talk Cabernet Shiraz blends, the new Y Series labels, and say thanks very much to the whole squad for their hard yards over the last 7 weeks, as I won’t see them again as a group until next year! So the Easter Bunny might be sending me with some treats for them as well, seeing as it’s that time of the year.

Then it’s over to The Bounty Hunter for a visit with the new 2008 Scribbler – those folks have been so supportive of our wines – and then a straight shot back down to Coco 500 restaurant for a meet with wine scribe and baseball fan Harvey Steiman – and then we’re going to sneak off to tomorrow night’s pre-season exhibition game between the SF Giants and the Oakland As – let’s hope it doesn’t rain!

Then it’s the weekend … YAY! No jobs! But I will catch it all up.

See ya when it’s Saturday.

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