The Aussie accent charms a cop

8.10am, Wednesday 31st March, Hotel Home Base, Pleasanton, CA, USA
Just out the door to catch the BART into the city to work with Larry ‘silent but seriously good’ Cazenave in San Francisco, but I wanted to let you know what happened last night. It had to finally come around! I’ve been on the road doing so much “creative driving” to fit in what what’s normal over here …

I got stopped by the police.

The whole lights and woop woop siren thing. It was 11pm, I came flying off the freeway exit slid down the off ramp into a wide right turn into Owens Drive, then completed the flying right again into the hotel driveway, slipped past the parked police car and skidded to a halt in my normal parking spot at the end of the building.

Next thing lights and siren behind me, so I get out of the car, and this stern voice says, “Stay in the car”.

I’m out and walking toward the police car asking “What for?”

“Because I’m pulling you over,” he says.

I ask again – not realising there’s a whole form for how to behave when pulled over, and getting out is seen as immediate aggression! – “What for?”

By then he’s heard the accent and says, “Because you don’t have a front licence plate”.

I’m about to say neither do most of the vehicles I’ve seen here on the road. But I say, “Oh I wasn’t aware that you needed one. I’m over here on business and our branch in Napa gave me this to work with.”

So we had a lovely chat, and I was good to go. Trust me though, if that happens again – I’m staying in the car. Good thing I’d indicated through all the turns!

See ya later today and I’ll get last night and Monday night’s effort written up.

4 responses to “The Aussie accent charms a cop

  1. Obviously not a lot going on at 11:00 PM in that neighborhood if the police to stop you for that! And, like you said, most vehicles here don’t have a front license plate even if it is the law. I just think he secretly wanted to meet you!!

  2. yalumbastories

    Tell Mark to spring for a front plate! But, yeah, getting out of the car is a no-no. It makes cops very nervous. I am impressed that this officer didn’t pull his gun.

  3. Steve from the wine room

    Sure it wasn’t just Aprils Fools?
    Police in South Australia announced this morning that they are holding a blitz this weekend, targetting cars without a front number plate light!

  4. no – there was no April fools thing going on here. I realise today how lucky I am that he didn’t pull his gun. In fact, they had a thing on the TV last night about procedure for when you’re pulled over – weird timing I know – and you’re supposed to put the drivers side window down, and put both hands on top of the steering wheel, then follow instructions…to the letter!NOT get out and approach! Yep – just very lucky.

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