Two Wines, One Dish, 16,000 Kilometres

8.47pm – same place – Prima @ Walnut Creek

Prima pork

The show is in full swing, and Peter Chastain Masterchef and the whole kitchen brigade is running flat hammer. The pork dish just came out and looks sensational. If it tastes half as good as it looks  … On the menu, it reads “Arista of Kurobuta Pork with savoy cabbage, sofritto and peruvian potatoes”.  Now I took a pic and will ask the chef what that all means, as the savoy cabbage is actually a parcel, with a savoury centre. But the folks at my table are raving about how well it goes with our 2008 Scribbler, and Patty Green’s Oregon Pinot Noir. There you go – two wines from regions 16000km apart, and both work with a lovely pork loin! OK, it’s back to the fray, as I’ve only got to 3 tables and there’s 6 more!

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