Goodbye to Hollywood

7.13am, Starbucks over from In & Out Burger, Pleasanton, CA, USA
I’ve just sorted out the wines for this evening’s tasting at the Solano Bar 7 Grill and have loaded them into Jimmy the Jeep. I wanted to write one last “goodbye to Hollywood” bit that I completely forgot about yesterday.

That sign ...

On Saturday morning early I followed my nose up into “those Hollywood Hills” – just like the old Bob Seger song – to see if I could get a shot of what’s left of the old “Hollywoodland” sign. That sign originally advertised the land sale during the original boom time that established the moving picture industry in this part of the world. I got up into Beachwood, which becomes a windy narrow spaghetti mix of tracks up into the canyons, and got the best I could. While doing that though, I was driving in and out of roads lined with the ever-present tall, skinny trademark Beverly Hills / Hollywood palm trees, so it constantly feels like you’re driving through that Beverly Hills Cop movie – or something similar.

Any rate – goodbye for now Hollywoodland – but I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be too long before we’re crossing paths again! I’ll be looking forward to it!

One response to “Goodbye to Hollywood

  1. Hi Jane – greetings from Tullibody where it’s blowing a gale and snowing. Pat and Tommy are still talking about your bbq that year they came out to visit. I leave tomorrow and will be back Angaston 6 April. Will give you a call then. Keep up the good work mate!

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