Meanwhile, Back at Yalumba …

11.22am, Tuesday 23rd March (4.53am Wed 24th in the Barossa), Gate 31, Oakland Airport, East Bay, CA, USA
It’s a picture perfect day in the Bay Area , and they’re expecting a high of 74 F . Summertime! I’m getting to know Gate 31 quite well and have the one o clock flight down to San Diego to get set up for tomorrow’s big repeat tasting of what we did with our distributor yesterday in San Francisco. (Wow, the media is going mental this morning with the whole Obama Health Care Bill thing – it’s almost as big as the Tiger Woods scandal and the Sandra Bullock getting cheated on by her husband story. I can’t keep up with it all!)

So just in case it got lost in translation yesterday – well done to all the Henry Wine Group folks for yesterday’s event – good to see such interest from the trade across the board in what is still a challenging moment. But we’ll keep opening bottles and answering 20 questions and winning hearts and palates one at a time … until we run out of people who are interested. It’s definitely the way to go.

I hope my voice holds up – just won’t talk today, that’s the way to go.

***Meanwhile, back at Yalumba: There’s a whole gang of sales folks who are working at the winery this week with Mick “yes I am as charismatic as I am chunky” Cogan. So hi to Janey “owns the Sunshine Coast” Halls, Jason “owns Townsville” Smith, Therese “in love – check the hearts and puppy dogs floating around my head” Stoll, Pia “new girl in Perth going gangbusters” Gardner, Mark “the quiet achiever’ Litherland, Richard “Ferrari, you’ll love Armidale, I promise” Keir – have a great time and make sure you have at least one “Smoky” pizza down at Fordies for me!

***Also back at the winery – thanks Sam and Andy for the private photos you sent me yesterday, they made my day. That’s why I put the extra effort in on the Y Series out in the trade. You boys are the best.

PS We are really grabbing some attention with the new label blend of your 2008 Y Shiraz Viognier. Watch this space!

See ya in San Diego.

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