The Flow-On Effect of a Tasting

8.14pm, Pleasanton, CA, USA
Whew! Just sitting down to dinner – I got whilst the gettin’ was good once the crowd cleared out after today’s tasting. I caught the BART back out to Pleasanton, picked up the Jeep from the second-to-last parking row at the station and belted over to Chili’s for takeaway food. I’m more or less living on their Asian salad with grilled chicken – really tasty and good for you as well, and not big bucks! Very responsible all round! I’m ploughing into it as I write this, trying not to get dressing on the keyboard – it’s hard to clean down in those slots!

So it all went well. There were a lot of young kids working in the retail trade that wanted to know about Australia and taste through the wines, so the value of today won’t just be immediate sales. There will be a definite flow-on as these folks become more comfortable about talking up our wines and Australian wines in general.

Most of the folks who knew us – knew us well, and it was great to go through new wines and new vintages. Those who didn’t know us were in for a pleasant surprise, as we had a good cross-section on show.

It was a great day to be part of, although I didn’t get a moment to try anything from anywhere else. I’ll try and do that on Wednesday in San Diego or Thursday in Los Angeles. Right now it’s finish dinner, shut down, lay a few things out to pack for tomorrow’s flight south – and into the sack for a relatively early night.

I hope you enjoyed a taste of the tasting today – see ya when we’re in Southern Cal … again!

3 responses to “The Flow-On Effect of a Tasting

  1. yalumbastories

    Andy and Sam (don’t ask about the hat) wanted to show you how hard they are working – either that or vintage has finally got to them.

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  3. Steve from the wine room

    where’s the white shirt Andy?

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