Time for the Oscars!

2.38pm, Sunday March 7th, Pleasanton, CA, USA (9.10am Monday 7/3/2010 Barossa time – but most folks will have the day off today, as it’s Adelaide Cup Day)
I’ve just been in to the city to take our HWG reps out for dim sum, as I honestly think that getting to know the folks who take your wines out at the coalface day in and day out is a really good idea. And something like dim sum (called “yum cha” at home) is a good way to go: it’s casual, you can take some wines along, and it’s all over in about an hour and a half (given that folks are catching up on a weekend). Gives me a chance to have the afternoon clear to catch up on the never-ending paper trail of receipts, get onto the plan for tomorrow, when I’ll be driving to a new part of the Bay Area for me, and the plan for later in the week, when I’ll be heading interstate.

But this afternoon it will all be about The Oscars. The red carpet coverage starts in half an hour, and I wish I was where I was in Los Angeles on Thursday night. On the corner of Hollywood & Highland, where all the marquees over the red carpet were already up, the life size statues of “Oscar” were all still plastic wrapped, and I’d have a prime spot to star gaze as the glitzy glamarama folk arrive for the festivities. Ah it’s always about timing!

However I will be stretching out on the couch , I’ve got soup and leftovers for tea, and a plan for an early night, as it will be another big week. See ya when the statues have all been given out.

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