Doing the LA Thing

8.23am, Friday 5th March, 6th & Grand Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA (2.54am Barossa Time Saturday)
Wow! Clear skies, two days in a row. I like it. I had a day in Beverly Hills yesterday with HWG’s Lorena, and I’m always starstruck in this town. Maybe it’s just driving the streets – Sunset, La Cienaga, Santa Monica, Rodeo, Hollywood Blvd – it’s like being in a movie you’ve seen over and over and are really comfortable with.

The big news of the day was being able to taste through the whole Yalumba world with some Australian folks who are putting a new restaurant together on a really sharp section of Sunset – two doors down from The Viper Room and two doors up from the Chateau Marmont. They have a couple of successful spots in Manhattan, so I know this is going to be a hotspot. Stay tuned, they’re opening in May.

Elvis - lookin' sharp!

It’s always difficult to get through a long call list in LA as you spend most of the time in the car getting from A to B – so it was a relief to get the car parked last night. I wandered down Hollywood Boulevard in search of the Nathan Fillion LA experience, but alas, I was not in luck. I ran into Elvis (see picture of him waving to me after fixing his hair – combed the sideburns as well!) and some filming going on for the TV show “NCIS LA”, but alas, no “Castle” TV show filming, so no Nathan! Maybe next trip.

This morning I’m presenting the new Y series labels to the LA city HWG sales team, then down to Orange County to do the same for the San Diego team, meeting in Dana Point. Then on the plane back to SFO, and I’ve just heard from James Lindner (Langmeil Wines in Tanunda). He’s in San Francisco tomorrow so it looks like we’ll be catching up – which will definitely be dangerous for me! I have to go call on Massa and Farallon – two very smart eateries in Union Square first, so after getting the business done, it will be sightseeing for James and Jane – Barossa kids in the big smoke for the day!

So have a good weekend, and I’ll see you when I’m back in the Bay Area.

2 responses to “Doing the LA Thing

  1. If you want to catch “Castle” doing a location shoot, Downtown is the most likely place.

  2. hey thanks for the local advice – we’re back in LA for the big Henry Wine Group wine event at The Beverly Hills Hotel Thursday March 25th – so we will make a couple of runs downtown just for luck! Cheers!

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