Zen, Mad Max, and Wi Fi

6.22am, Gate 22, Oakland Airport, CA, USA
You always get a good view of the sun coming up when you’re at an airport because all the walls are windows. I know that’s very zen for this time of the morning. I caught a cab to the airport this morning because I just couldn’t cope with being Mad Max out on the road again. And I’m doing this blog on my computer, tapping in to the free Oakland Airport wi fi – just to make Brenton Fry happy! Look what he has created! Here I am travelling with a laptop and doing the wi fi thing. Once I master Skype, then I may very well be the complete travelling business unit. Any rate, what I’m researching is this legendary old Hollywood bar – The Formosa Cafe – that was in the film “LA Confidential”. I’ve never been able to get there before, and I’m staying nearby this evening so I suspect that when I finish work tonight, I might just poke my head in. See ya when we’re in LA.

One response to “Zen, Mad Max, and Wi Fi

  1. Have fun at the Formosa Cafe! Sounds good. Good call taking a taxi…far more relaxing.

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