Lemon Tarts Are Good for You. Right?

7.21pm, Pleasanton , CA, USA
Wow! Needed that sleep in this morning. It was dark and stormy the whole way back on the freeway from Fresno yesterday, so I took a lot more time and made a heap of stops. Hey, even the four lanes of traffic slowed down to 55 miles per hour – 10 mph UNDER the speed limit – so you know driving conditions must have been atrocius. But everybody needs the rain.

That tart

Today we had the complete opposite – a glorius clear day – so I went into town in just shirtsleeves to catch up with the gals, and as a treat we went and bought ourselves a cake at Tartine. This is arguably the best patisserie in San Francisco, and it is on a cool little foodie corner of the city – in the Mission District neighbourhood – on 18th Street between Dolores and Guerrero streets. You’ll also find the Bi Rite food store and ice creamery a few doors up, which has maintained its original ceramic tile and art deco stainless steel signage, and is the spot to go for local and sustainable produce.

But back to Tartine. You’ll know which place it is from the neverending line that goes out the door and around the corner. I picked the Lemon Cream Tart because lemon qualifies as fruit, and fruit is good for you. Magic.

**Hey Sportsfans Moment. I was walking past a local bar and saw the “time on” (Americans, read: overtime) part of the gold medal ice hockey decider and it was Canada victorius 3 -2 over the USA. (And I’m pleased, as yesterday I predicted Canada 4 – 3. ) This is a good result for me, as the Canadians will still be in a state of euphoria in April when I go up there to show our wines in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver! O Canada – OK.

Oh yes! And I was going to talk about Fresno. But my eyes are closing already, so I’m going to get up early in the morning and nail it then, because Fresno is worth a big mention – especially some of the food and wine folk that are really looking after us there. Till tomorrow then.

2 responses to “Lemon Tarts Are Good for You. Right?

  1. The Labyrinth

    Where the h– are the brunch photos and effusive compliments about your favorite SF tour guides?!?

  2. see, this is why the internet scares me!! That’s you where I mention ‘the gals’!! I could have gone on, and on, and on….about the extraordinary conversation, SFO history and insider info, business advice, and fashion tips that I got today. And I will next time when I head out on the next episode of “Exploring SFO with the Bobbsy Twins!!”

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