She Can Drive 55 But No One Else Can

8.54pm, Saturday Feb 20th, Pleasanton, CA, USA
Interesting fact about California #1 (I’m starting a new list for this job): Whatever the speed limit is on the freeway signs, it’s not to be taken seriously at all. Over the last four days I’ve done a lot of miles on the freeways with posted speed limits of 55 and 65 miles per hour, and NO ONE else sticks to them. I’ve sat on ten miles above, and the cars, motorbikes and trucks are whizzing by sucking my doors off. Even the dodgy old cars pushing out black smoke!

So this afternoon I went for a bit of a look around, and found some top local food.

The doughnut

Christy’s doughnuts – see the picture – now that’s what I call raspberry jam FILLED. Then I pulled in to a little Mexican joint for lunch – Taqueria Las Vegas. I tried something new – a ‘sopes’, which is like a deep-fried corn toast topped with fresh salsa, lettuce, avocado, sour cream, tomato and your choice of meat, so I went with the favourite right now, ‘carnitas’ – which you all now recognise as fried pork. At $2.79 that’s a bargain lunch. At this rate, I’ll come in well under budget! Then back to the hotel for the dreary stuff – washing & ironing. Yep on a Saturday night. But tomorrow it will be my first driving trip into the city with a list of 3 chores on the agenda, so that should be an adventure in itself.

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