If Only George Clooney Were There

3.30pm, Depature Gate 19, Adelaide Airport, South Australia
It’s always good to get to this point, as what you haven’t got on board now – you haven’t got! And as long as you’ve got a passport and the credit cards, almost anything is possible. The bags are tagged all the way through to San Francisco, and now I get to trawl through all the emails and weed out as much as possible. Before I do that though, a report on last night’s event must be done.

Kirsty 1 (or is that 2?) and Amanda

It was my second year as MC for the major fundraiser charity dinner and auction for Diabetes Counselling Online. This is a free email counselling service for people with diabetes and their families across Australia, founded and run by Adelaide lass Helen Edwards – who has had Diabetes 1 since the age of 12. It’s a Valentine’s Day theme, this year with “a touch of France” going on. The whole thing was another raging success and will go a long way to keeping the website on the air.

Top bidder Martin

One great result was that one of our double magnums of Menzies Coonawarra Cabernet was the auction item that attracted very spirited bidding – knocked down by the attractive father and son tag team auctioneers Lachlan and Robin Turner for $480 in the end. I couldn’t help myself, as the final 3 bidders were lovely blokes, and it was a Valentine’s Day thing, so I threw in one of our winery issue winter jackets for the winning bid – Martin from Adelaide. Well done to Helen & Viv, Nathan Bassett (ex Adelaide Crows now with the Norwood Redlegs) diabetes ambassador, all the sponsors, and all the folks who made the evening such a good one. See you next year.

The "after party" at Vili's

After the dinner, a group of us Yalumba gals – Kirsty 1 , Kirsty 2, Amanda & Wendy – went to the 24 hour cafe at Vili’s bakery and got stuck into a selection of the special cakes they’d made for Valentine’s Day – including the favourite, a strawberry heart-shaped lamington (for folks from outside Australia, the lamington is one of our national dishes – a fluffy vanilla sponge cake coated with jam and covered with dried coconut). Top finish to a great night. Only way we could have improved on it was if George Clooney had been serving behind the counter! We dream on!

2 responses to “If Only George Clooney Were There

  1. Look forward to having you in California! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. Oh Jane you made me laugh and you made the night! LOVE the Villis and LOVE George.

    Thanks for your wonderful MC skills and delightful banter at Sweet Talk – have a great trip!

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