Valentine Biscuits and Morning Tea

10.24am Yalumba Clocktower, Eden Valley

Jo and her biscuits

OK folks, it’s officially the Valentine’s Day weekend! Just coming into the winery after doing a bagful of “getting ready to go away” chores, I’ve been stopped at the front desk by our girl friday receptionist Jo. She gave me a special Valentine’s double-layer, heart-shaped biscuit, glued together with whipped cream! I decided it should make the blog, seeing as it’s probably the only Valentine’s thing I’ll get … and I’m thrilled to bits with it. Thanks Jo – I bet it tastes as good as it looks!

Also, seeing as it’s my last day at the winery for a while, it’s traditional to put on morning tea for your colleagues. So I’ve gone over to Apex bakery in Tanunda early this morning (because they have this magic wood-fired oven and have been baking for 80 odd years, and it’s great) and got apricot and almond twist, sultana yeast plait, and raspberry ripple yeast slab! And if it’s your birthday or have a baby or any other good event really – it’s your job for morning tea! Another good thing about this place!

So – I’ll be ticking things off my list today, tidying up the desk, packing up the laptop, and will be off to Adelaide this afternoon to pick up my tickets, and then 6 pm will find me at the Diabetes 1 “Sweet Talk” charity dinner where I’ll be the MC second year in a row. Then tomorrow afternoon off to San Francisco – home base for the next few weeks.

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