Hot Weather, Cool Vineyards

Tony B here. I was chatting with some of our vineyard guys about our recent heat spike and what it did to our vines. Not much, apparently. Here’s how one of them explained it.

The recent heat spike that occurred last week, when temperatures over a four-day period moved above 37 degrees C, was not unexpected for this time of year. Heat waves like this don’t present any major challenges to growers, providing that the vines’ moisture levels are adequate to carry them through.

(Did you know that vines work to their maximum photosynthetic capacity at 32 degrees C . At temperatures below or above this, the photosynthetic capacity reduces. I learn something new every day.)

Basically, heat that occurs pre-veraison (before the berries start to turn colour) does no harm, and our recent spike occurred during this pre-ripening period.

So we’re all happy campers here in the Barossa, and we had that cool change come through, bringing down temps and bringing down some rain with it.

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