Back in the Barossa

Tony B again. What a great day to be back in the Barossa. Bright blue skies, warm, relaxed. Most of the folks on the streets are tourists, and we love ’em. Here at the winery we are slowly getting back to work. If you’re from the northern hemisphere, you have to understand that the holidays don’t end on New Year’s Day. It’s the height of summer here, and school holidays too, so it is prime vacation time. Beach, the Murray River, or just staying at home. It doesn’t matter. The sun is bright and the cricket is on the radio. Although, speaking of sun, it would be nice if the airline finally delivers my baggage — with my sunglasses in them. I’m getting tired of squinting when I drive. (And, no, I can’t buy another pair; they are prescription sunnies.)

One response to “Back in the Barossa

  1. Tony- good to see you last week. I’ll have to try La Toque – and take some riesling. Sounds wonderful!

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