Aussie Riesling Shines at Napa Dinner

Tony B here, sneaking in a short entry from a short trip to Napa (shh, don’t tell Jane I’m writing this). While the Barossa is basking in sunny warmth, things are chilly here. Wet too, which is good for the vines if not for me. Even wet and beautiful the Napa Valley is gorgeous. And the food is great too.

Dinner last night at La Toque was memorable. Though they are known for their wine pairings with their small plates, we took our own bottles: 2004 Mesh Eden Valley Riesling, which has years left to develop,  and 1997 Arns Napa Cab, which was right where you want it to be for drinking now.

All the dishes were delicious, well thought out, and unpretentiously presented, but my favourites were the quail with chestnut gnocchi and the antelope, with it’s mellow gamey presence.

A little treat for dessert was a small cube of raspberry paste with such intense berry flavour.

If folks here in the US need any more encouragement to try Australian Rieslings, they should have been with us at dinner. The pairing of the night was the Mesh with parsnip soup. The bit of bottle age blended with the earthy parsnip while the Riesling’s acid lifted the flavours and reminded you that it’s still there.

OK, I better get back to work now. Tonight it’s the taco truck for dinner!

3 responses to “Aussie Riesling Shines at Napa Dinner

  1. From La Toque to the taco truck…. How was it?

  2. Fabulous, though we ended up at La Playitas’ store rather than their truck. Carnitas and al pastor burritos. Paired with Napa Smith beers. You just can’t get those flavours here in Australia.

  3. Steve from the wine room

    Maybe when you get Tanunda back on the top of the foodie map you can bring those flavours with you? I think that should be your resolution fro new years!

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