Jane’s Back and All’s Right With the World

10.10am Yalumba Clocktower, Angaston, Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia
Hi Honey, I’m home! I’m back on terra firma here in the Barossa Valley, trying hard to get back into the local time zone as easily as possible. It’s that three or four nights of waking up bright and sparky at 3am that’s a killer! But here we are, serious green canopy development on the vines everywhere and lots of visitors to the winery.

Matt Pick

I’ve just packed our lass from Austria off to Oxford Landing vineyard with Matt “Luke Skywalker” Pick – the winemaker – with a bag of bacon & zucchini muffins for Freddy and the boys up there. I will be off to pick our Canadian journo up from Henschke’s in an hour or so. Then we’ll be up to Pewsey Vale vineyard to try all the Rieslings off that 120 acres – in the vineyard. There’s a twist in the weather today, so I fully expect it to be blowing a gale up there. It’s been warm too, which is liable to bring the brown snakes out, so I’ll be keeping us on the white crushed gravel tracks up there so we get a bit of warning should one of those nasties take an interest in us. I saw a very healthy 6 foot specimen swim across the road the other day, so I know they’re starting to move!

Apart from that, it’s fabulous to be home. First stop off the plane was the Vili’s pie and cake factory near the Adelaide airport, where they have a 24 hour cafe – for a turkey and salad sandwich on bread just baked, and a half pint of Farmers Union iced coffee – the best! Then into the Barossa, for a currant bun from Apex bakery, and my own pizza from ’40s Cafe – thin crust, ham, pineapple, double cheese and pepperoni. Yep – all’s right with the world for a bit. I promise to get back into the writing saddle and post something every day – I’m thrilled to bits with the fact that folks tune in to the blog and get a bit of a lift / laugh/ burst of information on several fronts – travel, food and wine – so thanks for reading.

And it’s a great moment to slot back into the Barossa social calendar. Tomorrow night Santa visits Tanunda with the Holiday Street parade, so that’s where we’ll be to catch up with everyone and have a bit of a sausage sizzle to kick off the Festive Season. So jingle bells and bring on the holiday goodwill, and I’ll see you later.

One response to “Jane’s Back and All’s Right With the World

  1. Well Jane – we have never met, but I am certainly glad you came home in time to MC the Barossa Generations Lunch last Wednesday 9th December. It was truly the most hilarious, fabulous day and I had tears of laughter rolling down my face with your stories – as did everyone else! Talk at the Barossa Farmer’s Market this morning indicate there is a queue made up of our husbands ready to trade us in for your offer of non-stop satellite sport at home and being away for 8 months of the year! Thank you for fronting one of the best Barossa events we have been to – you will be a hard act to follow. It is a wonderful thing to know you are travelling the world spreading the word in your own very unique style….you are a legend!


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