120,000 Bottles of Wine

Today’s guest blogger is Rhonda Sexton, and today is the day after our 160th birthday. Rhonda looks back at another big event, the Spring Carnival in Melbourne.

Rhonda Sexton

My name is Rhonda Sexton. I am an area manager for Samuel Smith & Son in Melbourne, and I live across the road from Flemington Racecourse.  I am a keen race goer and a member at Flemington, and they also happen to be one of my customers for Samuel Smith & Son. The staff are great – very easy to deal with, and my husband Brian and I have made great friends there, from all areas of the course.

About 370,000 people attended the Spring Carnival over the four days at the beginning of this month. Although the crowd was a little down on the past two years, they were a very well behaved crowd.  Once I go home I can still watch the crowds leaving from my balcony, and what surprised me most was that there are such a lot of women who can’t afford shoes!
Some interesting figures from the Spring Carnival are:

  • 8,700 kgs of beef, lamb, chicken and duck consumed
  • 700 kgs of fish (plus 1,000 kgs of smoked salmon)
  • 700 dozen oysters
  • 400 kgs of prawns
  • 25,000 scones
  • 150 kgs of chocolate

Now the statistic that interests us is in the industry is the consumption of  Champagne and wine, which totalled 120,000 bottles. Such a lot of bottles and only 33 arrests over the four days.

The upper end of the portfolio seemed to be selling well as I had to deliver more of The Octavius and Nautilus Pinot after day two of the carnival.

Rhonda and Terry

In the photo with myself, at the winning post enjoying a bottle of The Scribbler, is Terry Freeman, who has been the official keeper of the roses for 33 years. He says getting 16,000 rose bushes ready has similarities to training a racehorse. It needs attention to detail, an eye for perfection, and split-second timing, because everything has to peak at the right moment. There is no use having beautiful roses if they bloom a few days after the big race.
Terry and his team of 14  work at the track all year, but his intensive cup preparation started in June when two months of pruning got under way. Terry knows he’s on a winner with our wines, and he certainly deserved the bottle of The Scribbler at the winning post. I may upgrade to The Signature (02) next year.

I hope Jane is enjoying her holiday and enjoying all the stories from the guest bloggers.

4 responses to “120,000 Bottles of Wine

  1. you still look sexy in your punting gear and the best salesperson of the century ! can you tip me ma winner other than the scribbler and nautilus pinot gris ? I was at the derby and backed a winner or 3 and celebrated with Pol [ 1849 ] et al.

  2. Sounds like the carnival was fun Glad I wore my shoes when I left the track, The 02 Signature is a ripper drop When I get a quaddie might crack a bottle myself. Shared a bottle of Cigar with my dad on Saturday – very nice. Have you got a tip for the weekend?

  3. Great artical Rhonda – love the photo – and the 02 is a ripper of a drink – may we share some more soon

  4. Which hat can’t she wear? And wear well mind you ….
    The blogger (her newest hat)
    The Super Sales Rep and Yalumba Ambassador
    The Signature ’02
    The Wife
    The Mum
    The Grandma (‘Nonda’ to her grandkids)
    The Racegoer
    The Loyal friend
    The Organiser
    The Party Animal
    ….. and the list goes on.
    What would we do without you!!!

    Love ya!

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