The Hottest 1: Chardy’s Day

Today’s guest blogger is winemaker Sam Wigan, or as Jane refers to him, Captain Colourscheme.

Well, it has been a good week for Yalumba, and it all started last Thursday at the Adelaide Review Hot 100 South Australian Wines. The Hot 100 Wine competition is open to any South Australian wine. Wines from the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Eden Valley, Coonawarra and Adelaide Hills are all eligible, and with more than 700 wines entered there is stiff competition to get into the top 100, let alone the top 10.


Sam and Teresa

Teresa Heuzenroeder and I got the call up that we had two wines (2004 Pewsey Vale Contours Riesling and the 2008 FDW7c Adelaide Hills Chardonnay) in the top 10 and that we would be required to pour and talk about the wines on the night. The news that we had two wines in the top 10 was very exciting, but we were unaware of what would unfold at the presentations at the Hilton that night.

The awards for the top 10 wines were announced 10th to 1st to build suspense. The first Yalumba entry was announced at number 8 (Pewsey Vale Contours) and with great jubilation I went up and accepted the award. At number 6 the presenter explained how excited he was to see a chardonnay in the top 10. Teresa and I assumed it was the FDW 7c, but alas it was the Norton Summit Vineyards 2007 Chardonnay (another Adelaide Hills Chardy).

With only five wines remaining, the tension was building.

As they read out the 2nd place wine it became apparent to Teresa and I that the FDW 7c was the top wine. Great success, Teresa was grinning from ear to ear and why wouldn’t you be – as the winemaker of the number one wine and prize winner of two return tickets to Paris care of Singapore Airlines. We spent the remainder of the evening talking and tasting with the punters who were very complimentary about the quality of our two top 10 wines.

The photo of Teresa and I was actually taken on Tuesda,y 3rd of November, Melbourne Cup day. We don’t usually dress like this, but to help celebrate we had an ’80s day at the races’ theme dress up (although I look more like a ’50s horse trainer!).

To cap off our winning week we also collected four trophies at the Limestone Coast wine show for the 2006 The Cigar – Best Cabernet Sauvignon, Best Red of Show, Best Wine of Show and Viticulturalist of Best Wine of Show – on Thursday night and a trophy for the 2007 Heggies Botrytis Riesling at the Melbourne wine show the following morning. All in all, a good couple of days for the Yalumba stables!

That’s all the news from me (Captain Colourscheme) here at Yalumba.

2 responses to “The Hottest 1: Chardy’s Day

  1. Steve from the wine room

    50’s horse trainer with a bit of Barossa Heritage I reckon…perhaps just need a few more Apex pies in the belly. have a good weekend Captain!

  2. wig,your tips are better than sawreys !
    number one –always the best spot.
    chardonnay returns.

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