Bits and Bytes and Biodiversity


That's me - Tony Bogar

Today’s guest blogger is — me, Tony Bogar, e-marketing manager here in Angaston, and today is the day after the Melbourne Cup. Meaning, we’re all getting back to work, catching up after yesterday’s long lunches and time out to watch the race.

As well as catching up on deadlines, I’ll be attending the meeting of our Environmental Committee. Usually I play with a computer all day long, managing websites, posting on Facebook and Twitter, and generally thinking up new electronic ways to tell folks about the good work we’re doing here. Funny how — as technology gets fancier — it gets easier to have conversations with Yalumba fans around the world. We can find out what they like, what they don’t like, and get to know our friends a bit better, even if it is through bits and bytes. (And we learn how much they miss Jane!) Nothing replaces good, old-fashioned grassroots work, meeting people face-to-face, tasting wines, making lasting friendships. But at least we can stay in touch when we can’t be there in person.

Back to the Environmental Committee (geez, I think I’m channelling Jane and her digressions).

Leafy-bitOne reason I like working at Yalumba is our long record of doing the right thing. I’ve been involved with farmers markets, small growers, water conservation, and sustainable practices for years now. So I understand how Yalumba have been leading the way on so many of these issues. The Environmental Committee gathers to make sure we all understand best practices around the winery as well as work up better, more “eco” ways of doing our everyday tasks.

I get to sit in because, aside from my actual job, I have been allowed to start up a newsletter for all the Yalumba team, explaining in plain English why those buzzwords — sustainability, biodiversity, integrated pest management, etc — matter. All those practices help make better vineyards and better wine, I reckon.

So I get to play with computers and play with environmental issues. That’s a fun day’s work.

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