Teasing Us with Shrimp & Grits

9.48am, Prudential Drive, Jacksonville (Gator City), Florida, USA
Another warm, steamy morning in the Sunshine State, and some good “firsts” to report. I’ve had my first shrimp & grits experience, and our first Yalumba wine dinner in Jacksonville – last night at BB’s Restaurant – was a screaming success. The thing about downtown Jacksonville – where I’m staying – is that it is completely deserted over the weekend, so I went down the road a bit for lunch yesterday, to the Metro Diner est 1938.

And that’s where I’ll have to leave it – our man in Florida – Mark – has just arrived to pick me up, and we need to get over to a liquor store for the “cattle call”, as the locals describe it. You line up on Monday morning and they see you one by one with your wines. The trick is to be able to jump out of the pack and grab the buyers’ interest with the wines and the way you present them. So wish us luck, and I’ll pick this up later on when we’re at today’s destination – Smyrna Beach.

See ya later, Gator City!

One response to “Teasing Us with Shrimp & Grits

  1. Ferrari, I don’t know how you keep your energy up, but as always, I’m impressed. The States is lucky to have you…please hurry back to sunny England!

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