Yup, Sleepless in Seattle

9.55am local time (3.23am at home in the Barossa – snug as a bug in a rug), 4th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, USA

Wow yesterday was just one of those days – magic filling with an ugly start and finish. But you have to believe in karma, and things will right themselves – which they have!

I left the hotel in San Francisco yesterday, having booked a cab for the airport, and I get downstairs and they tell me – no booking – even though I’ve seen the lass at the front desk write it in. Having said no to the $45 town car service (limo) that the doormen obviously have a cut of – as you’d have to tip at least $5 on top of that – the young lad bellman proceeded to let 4 cabs go by before his “preferred” cab pulled up.

By this time, we’re half an hour down the track, and I have a routine when I fly – and we’re already late now. I’ve specified a cab that takes credit cards, and yes, yes, yes, from the lad – they all do. So we put the gear into the cab, and I don’t tip the lad because he’s stuffed me around, so he’s into the cab driver’s window in Russian and the cab driver hands over $3 – not enough – he has to give him $5. See that’s how it all works. Then when I ask about credit cards – no we take cash. So I went right off, and the cab driver “discovered” a manual credit card slide in the glove box. Very quick trip to the airport after that, and no mucking around.

All good with United Airlines to Seattle, and a great day back in the Northwest trade with our distributor in Washington State – the Unique Wine Company. Detail to come this evening when I get home. I spent the day with Rowena in her very sporty, close-to-the-ground buzz box car – we were like the thin edge of the wedge flying about the place! Tremendous calls to catch up with some old and new mates.

Then to the hotel after work. Got there about 7.30pm and checked in to a non-smoking room, and walked in – into literally a coud of stale cigarette smoke. Asked for a non-smoking room – no worries. New room looked good, tried the TV. Didn’t work. I love watching sports on TV – helps me get to sleep after jobs. So asked for a room with an operational TV. No worries – new room. Looked good so left my gear in there. Went for dinner.

Got back, hit the sack. Woken up at 3.45am by an aeroplane taking off in my room. It was behind the lift well, and the third lift started up with a grinding whoosh. No! Yes! Plugged my ears with tissues, fell back asleep, but woken up at 5.45am again by all three lifts working together in their own grinding symphony. Put some jeans and shoes on. Went down stairs, explained that I was just unlucky with the 3 rooms, and asked for another. Promised the boy on the front desk that I wasn’t one of those serial complainers that travel. Tried to get back to sleep. No luck.

Very unfortunate to really be “Sleepless in Seattle”. If only I looked as good as Meg Ryan when I haven’t slept well!

Went down for breakfast at 7.30am, new front desk lass was very sympathetic and gave me a new room on the same floor straight away. So here I am, computer connected, TV works, opposite end of the hall to the lifts. Yay! I just wanted to share this with you, just in case you thought the job was all peaches and cream.

So now I’m just about to be picked up, and I have to plough through a full day of trade calls, with a masterclass at one of our top accounts in town – Esquin Fine Wines – from 5 till 6.30pm.

Now that’s where karma has kicked in.

I find out by reading the Seattle free weekly paper this morning that my favourite author is reading from his new book tonight – here in Seattle at the town hall. So guess where I’m going to be at 7.30pm. Listening to American noirmaster James Ellroy read from his new book – third in the trilogy – “Blood’s a Rover”. Having already read the first two – “American Tabloid” and “The Cold Six Thousand” – I’m thrilled to bits that there’s still tickets and I’ll be able to see this guy live on stage. See, you have to believe in the great balancer upperrer! See ya later on for a recap on both days in Seattle.

PS reading the San Francisco free weekly yesterday at the airport, I saw this event advertised – “Shuck and Swallow Challenge” apparently an oyster and wine pairing charity event. What do you reckon – I reckon I’d go for a new name!

One response to “Yup, Sleepless in Seattle

  1. Steve from the wine room

    Oh what a day, you certainly helped kick off my day with a laugh, hope you enjoy the book reading!

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