Heading to Seattle

9.20 am, Gate 75, San Francisco Airport, California, USA
So glad I shifted this flight from 6am to 10.30am! Makes all the difference after working yesterday in the San Francisco and Sausalito trade, then doing a “meet & greet” with our distributor and some of their customers afterward. Lovely day yesterday, and it looked like you could literally skip stones out to Alcatraz – the island looked so close as we sped by to an appointment in Sausalito. More detail later tonight, and a wrap-up of our first day on the ground of three in Seattle.

Oh by the way. It’s also three weeks until I finish this block of work and go on holidays for the month of November. But don’t worry, I have backup, and before I left home, arranged for 30 people from all parts of the company to take a day each and do a blog entry for me. You should get a unique view of our world from that month – and we have a special message on November 17th – which is our actual 160th birthday.

See ya later from Seattle.

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