Dallas Wrap-up

10.42am, Powell Street, San Francisco, California, USA
Over in the UK, they’ve just blown the final whistle to end the Chelsea v Liverpool game, Chelsea victorious 2-0. This won’t mean a lot to many people here in the US, but being a Chelsea fan, and just having worked with Simon – the president of the Dallas chapter of the Liverpool supporters – he’s probably really pleased we didn’t go through with the best bottle to best bottle bet on the game! So I just need to rewind the last day we had in Texas, in Dallas, with Simon and D’lynn and “tha boys”.

Friday, 2nd October: Dallas Rewind
We had a great turnout at our trade lunch in Dallas, which we did at The Place at Perrys – lovely dark timber and leather booth steakhouse that Texas does so well. It was probably the sirloins that were a bit of an encouragement to come, although I did the right thing, and went with the salmon and chipotle sauce. I kid you not, I am going to chase down becoming the Australian agent for chipotle sauce! It will go gangbusters at home! So thanks a million to Andrea for making that trade lunch work. We had her visit the winery earlier this year, and I sent them to Speedos on Bondi beach for breakfast on their way home – no surprise that they’re already planning the return visit!

Then out to a quiet little corner of the Big D where Simon and D’lynn have the keys to an Aladdin’s cave of fine wine – heaps (and I mean lots) of 1983 Bordeaux and Burgundy things, and some stunning older Californian wines. Having now tried a 1987 Sterling Vineyards Sterling Reserve (Cab Sauv, Merlot, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot) and 1996 Dunn Vineyards Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, I finally get it! They need time, time, and more time. The boys also opened a 1982 St Emilion La Dominique. Apart from the Yalumba Museum Tastings, I’ve never seen such things. Thanks to the lads – what a lovely way to leave Texas.

And Simon – I’ll be in touch about the best on the total season – whoever finishes higher, Liverpool or Chelsea. Go the Blues!

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