Scratching the Surface in San Antonio

4.39pm, Brookhollow, Houston (Bayou Town), Texas, USA
I’ve just got a bit of time before we head off to do our consumer tasting this evening, so I’m going to get another Rewind done!

Monday, 28th September: San Antonio Rewind
This was my first visit to San Antonio, although I feel very much at home with the idea of the place – being a big country music fan, and having sung along with the old “Rose Of San Antone” countless times with everyone from Bob Wills to Dwight Yoakham. We went to do a session to consolidate the Yalumba story for our distributor’s sales team and to introduce ourselves to some of the local trade. We had a private room set up at Fleming’s Steakhouse – lovely glassware and skewered beef tips with a blue cheese dipping sauce (PS two things you’ll always find across the States in many shapes and forms – cinnamon and blue cheese ), chicken chunks with a sweet chilli sauce, plus some fruits and cheeses – it always helps enormously to show in a better light the aromas, flavours and textures of the wines. A quick look at the famous Alamo, and back that night to Austin. But it was only really scratching the surface – we’ll be back!

One response to “Scratching the Surface in San Antonio

  1. Lovin’ your ‘Rewinds’ Jane….so fun to follow you virtually on your US tour. Can’t wait to see you back here in SF soon!

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