Scary Vegas Action

7.05am, another money-eating internet machine, New York New York Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Well folks, it’s been hovering around 104 degrees F the last three days here. Later today I’m heading to Edmonton to start a two-week block in Canada, and I am looking forward to the cool change. But first, my report from last night. Every visit to the USA I seem to find myself in an interesting spot at an interesting time. Eight years ago yesterday, the 11th of September, I was in Washington Square, New York. Last night I was sitting in a cab on the Las Vegas strip, waiting on a green left turn light. I’d was finished a set of in-store tastings at the fabulous Whole Foods markets around 7 pm and dropped into Pallazzo (second tower of the Venetian) to drop a parcel off at Lavo (severely glamorous Italian-style restaurant and Roman bath-style club), then headed home for the Excalibur.

What sounded like firecrackers going off turned out to be bicycle police firing at a car that was trying to get away. Inside two minutes flat the place was literally covered with every shape and size of law enforcement vehicle, and we squeezed out the sidestreets to leave it all alone. Probably a good time to go work in Canada!

But good things to report from the capital of glitzy glam out here in the desert. The list of conventions actually here and scheduled for the rest of the year are many and varied, and the town is visibly fuller than it was. Show tickets are harder to come by – always a good indicator. (By the way, try getting a seat for the new Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig show in New York,  “A Steady Rain”, which opens end of this month.)

Also, we caught up with old friends who are doing OK at some very sharp addresses, but I’ll catch everything up tomorrow in Edmonton – my day chained to the computer. Until then, keep your head down!

See ya.

3 responses to “Scary Vegas Action

  1. Looking forward to your Canada visit – I hope to pop into the tasting at Everything Wine in North Vancouver.

  2. good o – I’ll see you there! It will be nice to be back in Vancouver which has become a home away from home for me – thanks a huge amount for your support.

  3. another good read–feeling sore today after the game luncheon which saw new records established and super food served.
    highlights were the venision souvee and abalone soup and and…white stick shared by sawrey [ turned 60 on the day ] and richard ” I am, a hunter’n gatherer ] langford…damon of Fordies has won the national pizza prize with a trip to vegas !!…hope you are holding together and enjoying the desert not the desserts ! xo the boss

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