Out of Time and Into a Cold

7.13am, internet machine, front lobby by the ‘sword in the stone ‘ fountain, Excalibur Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
OK folks, I have to be quick as these things swallow $5 bills at a rate of knots! Now, I’ve been off the air because I’ve been on the sick list – got the mandatory aeroplane-induced chest infection last week, and I’m still battling! Plus when you work In Las Vegas – everything looks small and toytown from the air – but getting from one casino to another is a battle, then inside a casino, to get from one part to another – you’re literally hiking miles! So with my four minutes left:

I read the article in Time magazine about the collapse of the Vegas property market, and was expecting the worst, but folks here are tapped into the ‘next roll of the dice is the winner’ thinking, which is probably going to carry them into the recovery quicker than anything else and we did pretty well all things considered.

Oh – out of time – I’ll be back!

One response to “Out of Time and Into a Cold

  1. Jane, I just got your postcard back here at the winery. Thanks! Ya gotta love chooks. Hope you beat the cold soon. Cheers, Tony B

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